How to Enable and Login to Port 7080 Web Panel in Litespeed Ent & OLS?


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Hi LS Fans,

This Tutorial will guide you to enable PORT 7080 and Access Web Panel in any Litespeed or Open Lite Speed Server.

By Default, Most of the Installations Only Allow us to log in to Port 8090 ( Cyber Panel )

NB: Cyber Panel Can be Access by Going [Your IP]: 8090

Sometimes, Advanced Users may need to change Something under Web Panel - Which is Hidden Under Port 7080

NB: Web Panel Can be accessed by visiting [Your IP]: 7080

by default, My Installation, not allowed me to log in to Web Panel ( 7080 )

Here are My Server Details:

Digital Ocean + CentOS + Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel

How I enabled Port 7080 in my server?

  1. Log in to Cyber Panel - Security - Firewall
  2. Add Rule Name " webpanel "
  3. Select TCP
  4. IP Address " "
  5. Port " 7080 "
  6. Click on Add - Then, Reload The Page and Confirm Port 7080 is Added.
First Part of Our Guide is Done.

Now go to [Your IP]:7080

if You can see a Login Page Similar to Cyber Panel Login, Then we can go ahead,

if You Couldn't see a login, page, then your server or configuration should be recheck.

By default, the user ID is " root "

But the password is Not Set, we are going to set up a Password for Web Panel User " Root "

NB: By Default, the Cyber Panel Admin user is " admin "

Steps to Change Web Panel root user password:

  1. Login to SSH as Root
  2. Enter this Command in SSH
    cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc
  3. Then,
  4. Now, SSH Will ask you to Enter User Name, Put " root " - then Press Enter.
  5. SSH will ask you to enter Password Twice to confirm.
  6. Enter Password, Then exit SSH.
  7. Go to [YOUR IP]:7080 and enter " root " and your password.
  8. You've logged into Litespeed Web Panel.
NB: Reply here if you face any issue between those steps.