How to find optimum memory and cpu configuration in php.ini and SAPI on openlitespeed?

I think litespeed not using all capacitis in my server because my memory and cpu are free and performance is not so good (wordpress is working heavy).

Our server hardware for esxi virtual machine configuration with centos7 and openlitespeed is: Memory: 100.83 GB CPU: 24 vCPUs

Our software configuration is: OS: centos 7 cms: wordpress cache plugin: litespeed cache and also memcache and redis enabled

I set some parameters in /usr/local/lsws/lsphp74/etc/php.ini: Please suggest me some improvement to use more resources and increase performance to load pages faster for core web vitals.
memory_limit = 2048M
and you can check my SAPI configuration on attached screenshot.

Please give me the best values for memory_limit in php.ini and SAPI configuration for php74 based on my 100GB memory and 24 vCPUs.