How to Login to PhpMyAdmin in Litespeed Server?


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I have Installed Litespeed in My AWS EC2 Instance

Installed Litespeed Server Through SSH

Able to Login to The CyberPanel Using https://ip-address :8090


I want to Login to PhpMyAdmin

When I Open https://ip-address :8090/phpmyadmin/index.php

A Login Page Shows, and Asking me to Login.

it asks User name and Password.

I Put My Cyberpanel User Name and Password

it Not works,

Kindly Tell me, What is the Default ID and Password to Login there.


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This Command?

sudo sed -n 2p .db_password
I Run This in SSH

then I get

sed: can't read .db_password: No such file or directory

as reply...

My Cyberpanel User ID and Password NOT logins to PhpMyAdmin.

Help me.


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I Opened WP-Config.php

There I Saw WordPress DB Name & Password.

I copied them and entered in Login Screen.

That Really Worked :)

Still, I am Curious, How does that work?

it's Just for the Current WP Installation, not for the Whole Account :)

anyway, it's worked, I can log in to PhpMyAdmin.