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Discussion in 'Proxy Service' started by cool_recep, Jan 27, 2015.

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    I have registered and ordered free Anti-DDoS service but I am not that much experienced with all those IP settings. Could you help me set up the service. I would also like to know th prices.

  2. cool_recep

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    @Michael could you please help me on that ?
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    I'm assuming that you've entered your information in the product form and now you need to set up the CNAME entry to redirect traffic from your domain to the assigned subdomain. You can find a step-by-step guide to using a CNAME entry in WHM to redirect your traffic here:

    This is also a pretty good guide to the general idea behind CNAME entries.

    Let us know if you have other questions.


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    Thank you for the reply. I have actually just signed up and did nothing more as I have no idea about the rest. We are on a dedicated server for our website and I have root access to WHM. Our web site is under attack at the moment. Hosting provider did a qucik workaround adding this code to Wordpress index.php:

    if(!strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], ''))
    '<a href="">Giris icin tiklayiniz</a>');
    You can see it here:

    I really need your help as this is not a logical solution for long term. I choose this hosting company as it was a gold LSWS partner and we have 2 CPU LSWS license. I can provide login info if you can help.

    It is ok if it is requring a fee.

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    We have been told to be getting 150.000 SYN/GET Floods. Can LSWS Anti DDoS Service prevent this ?

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    Really, it's not the size of the attack that matters, but how distributed it is. I would suggest you begin by setting up our free proxy service. You can setup the service by clicking the "config" link under My Services. You might also want to look into hardening your kernel:

    As the above link explains, SYN floods attack the server at the TCP level and thus an HTTP server (like LSWS) isn't going to be able to do much about them. The proxy service should be able to stop it, but the proxy service is a free service. If that doesn't perform to your expectations, you might need to look into other paid services.

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    Ok, let's go step by step as I really don't want to mess things up.

    • Domain and Alias that belong to the same web site and map to same IP: I have only one web site, so it is going to be I hope there is no problem with HTTPS ?
    • Assigned Sub-domain (DNS CNAME): I will enter this to WHM settings.
    • Dynamically Assigned IP: Just for info ? I am not going to enter it anywhere ?
    • Original IP: IP of my web site. Do I need to add :80 to the end ?
    • Black List URL: - I will leave here empty as it will be automatically detected.
    • Black List Subnet/IP: Empty as well
    • Cache Expires: Default
    • Detect Non-Browser: Default
    • Allowed Robots: Default
    So, after doing all those, all I have to do is change the cname rgiht ? And within an hour I am ok ? @Michael
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  9. cool_recep

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    Allright then. What do you suggest ? Cloudflare ? Sonme professional help is what I really need.
  10. Michael

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    Well, the first thing I would suggest is to harden your kernel (see the blog post I referenced above).

    That, though, is not meant to block big SYN floods. If that hardening doesn't stop the flood (and I suspect it might not), you'll have to look to another option:

    1. Rent a hardware firewall
    2. Have someone knowledgeable set up a proxy service like CloudFlare (it must be someone knowledgeable)
    3. Talk to your host about blocking it at the network edge (you may have to pay more for this help)

    I don't doubt that you're with a good host, but not all hosts specialize in DDoS protection. You may need to pay extra to your current host to get more help (or rent hardware) or find someone who can help you set things up (or switch to a host that specializes in DDoS protection). Either way, our Anti-DDoS Proxy service isn't right for you and changing settings in LSWS isn't going to affect things.

    The last option, of course, is just to wait for the attack to end. I assume that's not an option, though.

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    Thank you for your valuable help. I will get some prefessional help.
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