.htaccess Allow from IP or Domain not working

Discussion in 'General' started by dhsimmons_sl, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Please help!

    I have a hosted web site and do not have access to the Apache server level or vhost or httpd.conf.

    I have an .htaccess in my root folder with a mime directive. I have a subfolder called "/secure". In that folder I have another .htaccess file and an .htpasswd file. I also have a page that allows a download of a .msi file once the user registers. I am trying to protect that page from the general user browser while allowing the site navigation to link to the page once the registration POST is completed correctly (driven by a PERL script).

    However, no matter how I access the page (either through the browser or from the correct navigation using a "Go to download" button), I receive a Windows Secure window requesting a user id and passwrod. If I key in the user id and password, the download window displays.

    I can't seem to find the combination to allow the page with the button to open the secure page without the Windows Secure window.

    The .htaccess code in the "/secure" folder is:
    # Begin password protection #
    AuthName "Username and password required!"
    Require valid-user
    AuthUserFile "/home/users/web/bnnnnnnn/nnnn.nnnnnn/secure/.htpasswd"
    AuthType Basic
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from localhost
    Allow from
    Allow from msprdev.net
    Allow from paypal.com
    Allow from google.com
    Satisfy Any
    # End password protection #
    end code-

    Any suggestions would be most helpful. If I put in the following in any of the two .htaccess files, I receive an Internal Server error.
    <Directory /home/*>
    Options All
    AllowOverride All

    Thanks for your attention.
  2. webizen

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    Are you accessing from any of the following? If not, please add your IP to the following list.

  3. mistwang

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    IP should work, domain does not.

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