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    Running LiteSpeed Enterprise 4.1.8/CentOS 5.7/PHP 5.2.17

    I have a function in my php application that rebuilds mysql indexes. It can run for a long time. In Apache/mod_php, the setting the ignore_user_abort variable allows me to trigger this process and then close the browser or navigate away from the page without killing the php/mysql process.

    Since Litespeed doesn't support the ignore_user_abort option in the php.ini, what settings can I use to accomplish the same?

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    One of our customer has success with the following PHP code.
    ignore_user_abort(true);//avoid apache to kill the php running
    ob_start();//start buffer output
    echo "show something to user";
    session_write_close();//close session file on server side to avoid blocking other requests
    header("Content-Length: ".ob_get_length());//send length header
    header("Connection: close");
    ob_end_flush();flush();//really send content, can't change the order:1.ob buffer to normal buffer, 2.normal buffer to output
    //continue do something on server side
    sleep(50); //replace it with the background task
    also need to turn off keepalive for this request with a rewrite rule. please search this forum.

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