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Discussion in 'General' started by mey, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. mey

    mey New Member

    oemPro is mail list manager, that we use to manage our newsletters.

    I noticed that after we switched from Apache to LSWS the e-mails aren't being delivered.

    The e-mails are sent via a web interface, when I click the Trigger Send Engine button.

    On apache I could even close the window and it would still finish the job and send the e-mails to the whole list.

    But with LSWS it seems every few minutes the send engine stops and I have to manually restart it.

    I suspect it's caused by some sort of timeout, but I have already set php.ini to no timeout.

    Is there a timeout in LSWS as well?
  2. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    have you changed the cron jobs, replace apache php with litespeed lsphp5?
  3. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

  4. mey

    mey New Member

    I can trigger the send engine via cronjobs or via the web interface, I'm currently using the second way.

    I changed Connection Timeout from 120 to 10,000 and all seems Ok now.

    But is there a way to disable this timeout? I tried setting it to 0 but got an error.
  5. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    version 4.0.16 increase this upper limit to 1,000,000 seconds ~= 277 hours ~= 11.5 days. should be long enough ?

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