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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by stefan, Jun 8, 2004.

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    Due to the fact that I want to switch my apache/litespeed webserver combination to only the use of litespeed, I tried to get awstats working with litespeed webserver, for my statistics.

    It works, except for one thing, I can't get the icons of awstats to work! In het configurationfile of awstats you have to enter an path to the icons, I did it, and they are there. But if I look with awstats, it says that it can't find the icons. which resides in /cgi-bin/image/icon.

    They icons all are owned to the user which runs litespeed!
    I use the DEFAULT virutal host.

    Where do I have to put the icons? Can I configure it in the config of litespeed? In apache config you can enter an alias for the path to the icons dir... is this also possible in litespeed?

    Changed a thing, now I don't get 404 messages again for the icons, but still don't see them, what is wrong?


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    resolved the problem

    I have resolved the problem.
    It was due to the fact of 2 configfiles in the directory, awstats used the very old one instead of the new edited version.

    So it was just a "stupid" mistake.

    As in Apache, awstats looks in the /etc/awstats directory..
    as far as I discovered with litespeed awstats looks into the cgi-bin dir of the virutal host.

    Sorry for the inconvince..


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