Intermittent Hole Punch - works on some pages

I am trialing Litespeed & Litemage on my server, enabled the extension and all appeared to be working fine however I've noticed a strange issue with hole punching a cart counter in the header.

After adding a product to the cart, sometimes it works & updates on all pages just fine but eventually it works on some pages but not others (shows 0 in cart).
If I only enable the cache for my IP it seems to work on all pages, when i open up it to everyone it will revert to working on some but not other pages. I'm not logged in at all.

It's the same template on all pages and I've attempted different settings with seperate caches for groups, block names etc but can't figure it out.

Has anyone come across similar behavior before?

I have come from a Varnish & turpentine setup which was working fine. If i append the debug parameter to the URL, the cart area shows as being punched properly but the value is wrong.