Issue with unicode encoded video file names

Hello folks,

I have installed OpenLIteSpeed on a stand-alone CentOS 7 server serving a single WordPress website. There are some mp4 videos on the website with file names compound of ASCI and Unicode characters. After recent update of OpenLiteSpeed to the latest version, occasionally some mp4 video files are not served correctly and they cannot play on chrome's built-in player. However, edge can play them. Files have been checked for integrity. Also I have already checked for .htacces as I have already checked for LSWS config such as max URL length and other config options. Also I have deployed a fresh CentOS and installed OpenLiteSpeed from source and copied one of the files to Example/html directory on it. The issue still exists on the fresh server.

This is an example URL:با-زیرنویس-فارسی.mp4

Please let me know if you have any idea to fix this annoying issue.



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Which version of openlitespeed are you using? it looks like an issue fixed in the latest release 1.4.43 or . Please try to upgrade to it to see if it helps.
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Thank you for quick reply. Bellow is output from /usr/local/lsws/bin/openlitespeed -v

LiteSpeed/1.4.43 Open
        module versions:
        modpagespeed 2.2-
        cache 1.59
        modinspector 1.1
        uploadprogress 1.1
        mod_security 1.1
It seems I am running latest release of OpenLiteSpeed. I'm wondering what could be cause of this weird issue.