Joomla! 4.2.8 + LScache "latest": problems with Virtuemart (administration)


On a website Joomla! 4.2.8, Virtuemart 4.0.12, LScache for Joomla! 4 "latest", all the pages of Virtuemart in the administration have an error 0 Call to undefined method Joomla\Event\Dispatcher::register()
The error is in the file plugins/system/lscache/components/com_virtuemat.php
It seems the method is no more used on Joomla! 4.

How to solve that? In only found to change the name of the file to hide the error and manage the component.

Thanks for your help!
Hi, I sent an email saturday 4th march with all data to access a test site and see the error. No answer.
Another user created an issue on Github: no answer either. :(


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I'm sorry that you didn't get the expected solution to your problem despite being asked. However, the lack of an answer from LiteSpeed Support puts it into perspective. The latest version of the cache plugin for Joomla 4 is an RC build. This means that this plugin is not yet fully ready for Joomla 4. However, you can find this information in the plugin information. This explains, at least to a limited extent, that you are getting error messages and that the cache plugin for Joomla 4 is not yet fully prepared for Joomla 4.

So have some patience until the final version for Joomla 4 is ready and then try again.