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  1. Hello folks

    The Wp cache plugin is great, have you planned to develop other cache plugin for Joomla websites?

    Thank you
  2. Pong

    Pong Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Yes, in our to-do list.
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  3. Ok thank you
  4. Butterfly Pixel

    Butterfly Pixel New Member

    Any news for Joomla plugins ?
    Thanks !
  5. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

  6. Jim Hill

    Jim Hill New Member

    Can you provide any update on the Joomla cache extension? I am thinking about having a freelancer put something together if this is still years down the road. I just need a way to clear the cache for single pages that are changed without having to flush the entire site cache each time a change is made. Using a ?nocache work kind of works but even then sometimes the page changes are not reflected in the uncached version. I am thinking that the cache rules in the plugin will have to be much more complex in order to map single cache files to pages. I have something similar already set up in NGINX and with that I can just go in and manually clear the cache for that certain page by the friendly URL.
  7. lclarke

    lclarke Administrator Staff Member

    Good news: the Joomla plugin is in beta testing. It shouldn't be long now.
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  8. Jim Hill

    Jim Hill New Member

    We would be interested in testing it on one of our dev sites if you are looking for testers. Thanks for the update and we are happy to hear that!
  9. Justin Dixon

    Justin Dixon New Member

    If it's an option we would love to beta test the plugin on a few websites as well.
  10. Jim Hill

    Jim Hill New Member

    You can download it here. Be sure to follow the installation directions carefully including removing any existing htacess directives and adding the one provided.

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