Just Released: LiteSpeed web server 3.3.10, Ruby LSAPI 3.2 & PHP LSAPI 4.7

Discussion in 'News' started by Lauren, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Lauren

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    LiteSpeed Web Server 3.3.10

    This is a minor bug fix release to further stabilize our 3.x branch while we are actively working on 4.0 features. It's recommended to upgrade to this release.

    • Fixed a few bugs that may cause lshttpd process crash occasionally.
    • Fixed access log ownership problem. (reported by [thread=1946]justme[/thread] and [thread=1938]raphidae[/thread])
    • AWStats Integration: Fixed a bug which always forwards to https connection. (reported by [thread=1928]PSS[/thread])
    • Improved mod_expires support.
    • Improved connection timeout handling during SSL handshake. (reported by [thread=1897]cswilliams[/thread])
    • Improved compatibility with CPanel and Intervox. (reported by [thread=1960]ffeingol[/thread] and [thread=1945]kc8yds[/thread])

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    PHP LSAPI 4.7 and Ruby LSAPI 3.2

    • Switched to non-blocking listener socket to avoid hanging Ruby/Php processes. (reported by [thread=1453]gwhite[/thread])

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    Again, thanks to all the forum users, that we are able to address all the issues promptly. Most bugs were reported first in this forum, and resolved with the help and debugging info from users here.

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