Just trying to setup cache for Magento site

Discussion in 'LiteSpeed Cache General' started by Ledgemonkey, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Ledgemonkey

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    Hi, I'm new to LS and I'm trying very hard to follow the instructions..


    2. Set Default cache policy at LSWS Server level

    LSWS Web Admin Console→Virtual Hosts→mytest→Cache → Cache Policy - this path is confusting and does not exits...?

    There is no such thing as Web Admin Console - there is a Web Console but that has either General or Listeners , so i'm confused already...?

    There is a virtual hosts under Configuration but that is empty - do i need to setup a virtual host , if so why does it not tell you that.. and how to set it up...?

    Any help would be appreciated


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  2. webizen

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    The Web GUI (listening on port 7080 by default) is called Web Admin Console. You should see the said title in your browser when try to login.

    Virtual Hosts empty means you do not have native lsws vhost setup. IOW, you are using imported Apache httpd.conf. You should follow the procedure "3. For imported Apache vhost". The "Virtual Hosts -> mytest ..." is for native LSWS vhost setup.
  3. Ledgemonkey

    Ledgemonkey Member

    basic cache setup

    Thanks for the reply...

    So does public cache work by default..?

    Also do I need to make sure that mod_cache is loaded and enabled before LS cache will work..?


  4. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    Just put "CacheEnable" in httpd.conf, LS public cache will be enabled. No need to load mod_cache.

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