Layout Bug After Changing Page Optimisation

I asked someone to fix the CLS issue on the site and it worked but after the changes the 1st few seconds of loading the website looks buggy(see attached screenshot). He changed some Page Optimisation in Litespeed and switched the preset from advanced to agressive. When changing back, this issue will dissapear but the CLS issue will occur again ofcourse. I tried to switch ever option in Page Optimise from Litespeed from on/off but didn't solve this issue.

Also since this issue happen, sites like Pinterest can't pin the images

The website url: [removed]
Note: 18+ ONLY!

Anyone have some tips for solving this issue?
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You don't have LiteSpeed web server running and that's why you can only use a few functions of the cache plugin. Guestmode and some other functions can't be used without LiteSpeed LScache. If you have further questions please read this before you reply.

Thank you for the reply. But the problem is that I can use some functions but with a bug afterwards. Is this cause by not having Litespeed web server?


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As already said, you can use some functions for optimization, but not all. If you don't want to change hosting use instead of CF. With you can use all functions from plugin and you also get a CDN.