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Discussion in 'General' started by nullx8, May 5, 2012.

  1. nullx8

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    we running a enterprice Trial on a Dual quard core machine.
    resulting in 8 cores.

    first do i need to get 2 Licenses or 8 ?
    (the machine does laws only (dedicated webserver)

    well i guess this is explained somewhere.

    but how does the trial Key working ?
    does is obtain ALL CPU cores or is there a limitation ?

    the reason for this question is ...
    the machine works flawless on the enterprice trial now ..

    serving 80 - 400 pages/sec with no issues at all.
    (exept the service become unstable after about 20 million hits)

    but i do not know how many cores it does use.
    the listener has bindings to 2 processes .. but i assume this is another thing ..

    could you pleasse clarify this alittle bit more .. so we can but the right license
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