LiteMage Cache Warmer?


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Most likely your cron job doesn't run.
Run it manually to test.

Where is the PHP for Magento store? Has you cron job updated to this location?

Magento must use a PHP with IonCube Loader.

The location of PHP has to be specified in “”. Update “” and change the PHP_BIN setting from “`which php`” to the location of your PHP directory. For example, it may be “PHP_BIN=/usr/local/bin/php” if you use Cloud Linux PHP Selector, or “PHP_BIN=/usr/local/lsws/fcgibin/lsphp5” if you installed and configured lsphp there. If you use cPanel, most likely compiling the matching PHP through EasyApache, you should make sure IonCube Loader is selected under the Exhaustive Options List prior to compiling.
Thanks for reply Pong! My issue is resolved, it was basically due to few functions in disabled_functions list in PHP.ini.

My only problem now is slow Add to Cart/Checkout in Magento!
I am having a same issue with the slow adding to cart and checkout. Any response on how to resolve this?
I have about 30,000 products, and when the Crawler finishes crawling to add the product to cart takes about from 15-22 seconds, then opening the checkout page takes about 12-15 seconds. But, only in case if i flush my magento cache then the speed increases to about 2 seconds or less to add to cart and checkout. However i loose all cached content and the i need to wait until whole site is crawled again, but then we face again slow adding to cart situation. its either this way or another. We cannot keep flushing the cache all the time. We have been using LiteSpeed Cache since past 3 month and we never had succefull set up. Overall the page load and response is fantastical once it is cached but needs little more improvements. How to make the "Add to Cart / Checkout" process fast again after crawling is complete? Any news or advise?


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that's strange, first time I heard about this case. Do you have a dev site set up? I can login and turn on debug and check.
In one my site add to cart is not working first time it working second time how to solve this?
In magento 1.9.
Please give me solution for this.
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Generally, add to shopping cart won't be cached by LiteMage. You can try disable LiteMage to see if you have the same issue.