LiteSpeed 2.1.16 Released

Discussion in 'News' started by xing, May 17, 2006.

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    Web Server 2.1.16 05-17-2006 Bug Fix

    * Improvement: format of bandwidth logging has been updated to match the latest CPanel format.
    * Fixed authentication realm so that when a non-existent file is requested, 403 is returned instead of 404.
    * Fixed bytes logging configuration which can cause LSWS to fail on startup when access log has not been configured.
    * Fixed .htaccess support for a virtual host configured through Apache configuration file.
    * Fixed a bug in SSL implementation that can cause random connection problem.
    * Fixed a Solaris bug where sendfile() usage can cause blocking and high-load.
    * Fixed installer on-boot startup script insertion for OS X platform.

    LSAPI PHP/2.1 Ruby/1.2 05-16-2006 Bug Fix

    * Fixed a 503 error when PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN env variable is set. The env variable does not apply to Ruby but the fix affected the base library.
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