LiteSpeed 3.0 Web Server RC1

Discussion in 'General' started by xing, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. xing

    xing LiteSpeed Staff

    LiteSpeed Web Server 3.0 RC1 has been released.

    3.0RC1 has been production tested and is deemed stable. We still recommend early adopters to test on development server before going live on production. With any pre-release software, we recommend users to backup their existing configuration. This is pre-release software and we welcome any feedbacks and bug reports.

    Download links are at the bottom of this post.

    Changes since 3.0Beta1:
    • WebUI: Now fully supports 1000+ vhosts.
    • WebUI: Charting/Graphing of server statistics.
    • WebUI: Improved compatibility with IE7 and Safari.
    • WebUI: Improved contextual documentation support. Docs will be ready in
    • WebUI: Many minor improvements and bug fixes.
    • Improved compatibilities with httpd.conf generated by cPanel
    • Improved compatibilities with httpd.conf generated DirectAdmin.
    • Fixed a bug in GeoIP support which resulted in incorrect result.
    • Fixed a bug in RailsRunner.rb by changing current working directory (cwd) to Rails application's root directory.
    • Fixed a bug in handling AuthUserFile with relative path.

    Major Changes versus v2.2:

    Revamped web console: Streamlined layout, improved configuration parsing and processing to handle 1000+ virtual hosts.
    Request Filtering (compatible with SecFilterSelective of mod_security)

    IP to GeoLocation Database Support (compatible with Maxmind/mod_geoip)
    64bit Optimized Binaries

    Sendfile() support enabled.
    Max Concurrent Connections: 150

    Known Issues:
    • Web Console is designed to be compatible with Mozilla/Firefox/Safari/IE/Opera. Older and cli browsers such as lynx will not be fully supported.
    • Context Sensitive Help is not active. Will be fixed in RC2.
    • Documentation is still formatted for version 2.X. Will be fixed in RC2.
      GeoIP: We currently support all editions of GeoIP databases from MaxMind.


    GeoIP: Set GeoIP database in Server scope and enable GeoIP for specific vhosts. Processed GeoIP data is available in the SERVER environment variables in the variable name format of 'GEOIP_XYZ' where XYZ depends on edition of Maxmind product you use. Fully compatible with scripts designed for mod_geoip.

    Request Filtering: We currently support SecFilterSelective directives from mod_security.

    Download Links:

    Enterprise Edition Packages:
    Linux (64bit):
    FreeBSD 6 (64bit):
    Solaris (64bit):

    OS X (Intel):
    OS X (PPC):
    FreeBSD 6:
    Solaris (i386):
    Solaris (sparc):

    Standard Edition Packages
    OS X (Intel):
    OS X (PPC):
    FreeBSD 6:
    Solaris (i386):
    Solaris (sparc):
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  2. xing

    xing LiteSpeed Staff

    For those that want to sneak peak at 3.0 without actually having to install it, we have updated our online demo to 3.0.

    user: admin
    pass: admindemo
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