Litespeed and centOS 5 64bit

Discussion in 'General' started by donny84, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. donny84

    donny84 Member

    Just a quick question before i start to install, does Litespeed Enterprise Edition work with centOS 5 64bit?
  2. donny84

    donny84 Member

    Never mind I reimaged to 32 bit
  3. Michael.Terence

    Michael.Terence Active Member

    In case anyone else needs to know, yes it works - just install the x86_64 version for linux. It also works on Debian 4 & 5, and Ubuntu 8.04, and 8.10.

    I'm sure it'll work on anything - those are just OSs I've tested on. :)
  4. mysitegroup

    mysitegroup Member

    We run LiteSpeed on Centos 64 bit, with WHM/Cpanel... and it is great... super fast.

    We are on a DUAL QUAD now, so we currently use an 8 Core LiteSpeed Enterprise license...

    Warm regards.

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