Litespeed and Ezoic


I am a Joomla user of Litespeed Cache. I accepted the proposal to join the EZOIC advertising platform. Integration requires changing the nameservers. In the documentation I read that EZOIC is not compatible with the Litespeed caching plugin for Wordpress: what should I expect with Joomla?

Can the Litespeed server work with the Ezoic platform?

I asked the question because the Ezoic documentation says, about the Wordpress plugin:
"The plugin must be disabled to utilize Ezoic without issues or conflicts. Sites can elect to use a whitelisted WP caching plugin; however, most WP caching plugins should be disabled when using the Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator. Fortunately, the Site Speed Accelerator replaces all the functionality of these caching plugins and delivers better performance. "
There are no references to the Litespeed server, only to the Wordpress plugin suggesting to turn it off.

I use Joomla with Litespeed: if I want to use Ezoic should I change the server type?

Thank you
So, do you mean that it should be enough to turn off the "LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla" plugin like I did? And maybe remove the LiteSpeed snippet from htaccess? Thank you