Litespeed and Oxygenbuilder

am using Oxygenbuilder to build my websites, it disable themes to work, because its a visual theme builder inside wordpress, I installed litespeed to improuve performances and to get a high rate in GTMetrix, but it doesn't work with this plugin... nothing is done .. It doen't detect Oxygenbuilder.
Is there any chance to support this plugin in future ? therer is no caching plugin supporting it a day
Thank you.


Staff member
Hi @lhoucine ,

Do you mean cache not working on front page? Possible to provide a temp access or cloned site for us to check and reproduce? Please send those information to and append this post URL. Thanks

Our plugin already support Divi Builder, and Beaver Builder, let's see what we can do for Oxygenbuilder.

By the way, for lscache compatibility issue, you can post here in the future.

Thought i would write something here. I have oxygen 3.4, using Litespeed cache also connected to CDN and took a bit to refine settings ( i am also hosting my own google fonts and google analytics) but i am pleased to say, last night i got 100/100 for both mobile and desktop on page speed insights, gtmetrix got 100% with a total page load speed of 0.4s, 300kb total page size and 31 requests which i am about to reduce to about 12 and a page size of 200kb.

Simply put I am amazed at the results I am getting with oxygen builder, Litespeed and quic. Its a decent learning curve and Oxygen is an utter pain to build with compared to Divi or Elementor Pro but for page speed scores like this, without the incredible bloat that divi and elementor have, i will put up with a slower build for these kinds of results.

To note, I also used to use WPRocket and Asset Cleanup Pro, after moving to this setup and not having to worry about all the research needed to use asset cleanup i am much happier, word to the wise, Asset cleanup Pro while being useful, you are going to want to know what you are doing, it can totally $&$% a site in a few clicks, powerful and dangerous plugin lol.

To finish off, I am definitely not having any problems with LiteSpeed and quic CDN using Oxygen 3.4, its bloody awesome in fact.