LiteSpeed cache for WordPress + Cloudflare cache


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How will a site work if both cache plugin for WordPress is enabled and the cache on Cloudflare enabled?
Anyone have tested this?

Cloudflare have three levels of cache to choose from. The most used is of course standard:

  • No Query String: Only delivers files from cache when there is no query string.
  • Ignore Query String: Delivers the same resource to everyone independent of the query string.
  • Standard: Delivers a different resource each time the query string changes.


they should work together without problem.

traffic flow:
for example: server -> client:

lsws + lscwp ( cache a page for 10 minutes) --> cloudflare ( cache a page for 30 minutes) --> client (browser)

in this case, a wordpress page will cache 30 minutes to 40 minutes


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Hi Hedloff,

Do you have any plugins to cache dynamic content in CF? If not, they will be unrelated.

The only possible issue is making sure that the static content returned will be served by CF (and thus, their cache).
A user on the wordpress support thread asked about MaxCDN. He linked to this plugin as a possible solution for his CDN requirements.

Let me know if you have any more questions about this,
Hello, I registrated at Cloudflare and entered my domain, they ask me to change the nameservers of the domain at the domain registrar to their.

I do not exactly how CDN works here, do I need to do this when having the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for Wordpress with the CDN settings?

Thanks. Now in settings>CDN I can put in data of Cloudflare and I do not understand which API I have to put in as Cloudfare propose severals, same goes for the domain. I noticed that in manage>CDN there are already options to turn on Cloudfare developer mode or purge their cache.



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To use Manage > CDN functions, you need to setup Settings > CDN > API key first
How to get the key: Access to Cloudflare -> Domain Summary -> Get your API key
If you don't need CDN purge, then you don't need to setup API.
Thanks. Does this connection also plays a role in the performance when the plugin is connected to Cloudflare or is it only for developer mode and purging purposes? Regards Julien