LiteSpeed cache plugin and Virtuemart


Have anyone configured LiteSpeed Cache Plugin to work properly with Virtuemart?

On one of my sites I have two problems:

1. Pagination error
On random categories sometimes the pagination won't work meaning that if you want to navigate to the second page the link displays correctly (?start=40 for example) but in reality you are still on the first page. If you try to navigate on any other page it is working correctly meaning that if you go to page 3 the page loads ok but if you try to navigate to page 2 the link again is correct but in reality you are on first page. Basically you can't navigate to 2nd page.
I have no errors logged

2. Recently viewed items module
I can't configure this module as ESI. It breaks the module and showing a 404 error after some page loads.

Anyone managed to use LiteSpeed Cache Plugin with Virtuemart?
The benefit of using LiteSpeed Cache Plugin is huge in terms of loading speed.

Link to one of the shops where I use LiteSpeed Cache

Joomla! 3.9.5
Virtuemart 3.4.2
php 7.2

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Hi Cosmin ,

I can not reproduce issue on by following your steps. When i add ?123, that page loads fine and shows a cache miss at first view.
We can help you to check ESI module issue if you can submit a ticket to LiteSpeed with a cloned/dev site access ?

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Hi Eric,

The pagination error appears only after a few hits by different users I assume. It happens randomly and not on all categories.
At this moment it can be seen on this page
If you try to navigate to the 2nd page using the bottom pagination the link is ok but the page is still 1.
I will make a clone and send the credentials (Joomla! admin and ftp)

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Hi Eric,

I've made a clone of the site and the same problem with pagination can be observed here

Where do I post the credentials? Here?