LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Members Profile Pictures Are Cached!

I am using litespeed cache plugin, and i am running membership website were users upload their own profile picture and cover photos, but each time some one uploads or changes his profile picture and cover photo, i have to purge litespeed cache.

I have tried making # Cache Facvicon ico to OFF.
I have tried adding Do not cache user agents #Subscriber
I have tried adding the members/users Link of my website to #Exclude cache Urls

But nothing works unless i purge cache!,

I have the option of optimizing images ON, and i thought that the images are taking time to be optimized first and then change ? is that the case ?
How could i not cache user profiles, please help

The nearest thing that worked is when i add MEMBERS/USERS Link of my website to #Exclude cache URLS, but that only works when you visit the users profile, but on the front page wall where users post on something, then you can still see the unchanged profile picture.

So how could i fix this.


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Is it a WordPress site using LiteSpeed cache plugin for it? Can you log a ticket with us with a test user and steps for us to the error?
Normally for logged in user, pages should be in private cache, for profile page, not sure if it is cached or not, need to check when we have the details.
I am new to wordpress, yes it is a wordpress website running litepeed cache plugin for it, I have hosting from Namehero, and they suggested litespeed cache plugin.

Now, i need my homepage to be excluded from the cached pages, since my homepage is a wall where people post things and like or dislike things,
i have excluded couple other pages from litespeed exclude cache (Do not cache URLS),
now my problem is if i want to exclude the homepage how could i do that, since i don't have url of the home page.

My website is
and that is my homepage

if you go to it redirects back to with out the home
so i added home to the excludes and it don't work
and i added / only to the excludes and it works, but i am afraid since i add / only. does that mean do not cache anything that comes after /
and if that is the case, the whole website will not be cached!.

i am abit confused so how could i add homepage only to the excludes ?
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