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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by LowKey, Jan 4, 2013.

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    After running LiteSpeed for 1 weeks, seems i the server run fast (when user around 100-500online) but still not happy enough with LS, even still having issue on LS Cache.

    I need some tips from LiteSpeed Staff for my configuration. My configuration is not tuned very well. Hope you guys can look at my current setting.

    This server is running social network application (phpFox). Currently have 28K member register and average user online 500-1000 online members.

    We have 2 server with running Dedicated Web server(LiteSpeed) and Dedicated MySQL Server(MariaDB).

    Webserver Spec : 8CPU/24GBRAM/250SSD/1000Mbps Port
    MySQL Spec : 8CPU/8GBRAM/1TBHDD/1000Mbps cross-connected VLAN to Webserver

    However, with my setting on LiteSpeed , we still having some issue with load page.

    1) The website getting slow when many concurrent users visited to the website (when reach 600-900 online members)
    2) Load average server become high. (load average: 67.23, 60.45, 53.13)
    3) LS Cache Hits : Low (still working on this issue)
    4) Request Timeout Problem when huge user visit the website

    Here my current setting on LiteSpeed

    Quick Configuration of PHP suEXEC (Currently disabled)
    Quick Configuration of LiteSpeed Private Cache (Currently enabled)

    Hope you can check my setting.

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  2. NiteWave

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    lsphp5 settings:
    Max Connections:1000 --> too large ? suggest 100 or 200
    PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN=500: should match "Max Connections", i.e., 1000. suggest 100 or 200
    Instance:10 -> change to default 1

    Run On Start Up:Yes --> change to suEXEC Daemon
    Priority:-4 --> suggest to try 0
    Smart Keep-Alive:Yes -- > No
    ajax.php is busiest one. see if possible to cache it

    as discussed before, if able to enable lsws page cache correctly, the load may drop significantly; however this may need good knowledge of PHPFox.
  3. LowKey

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    I'm already changed all the setting as mention.

    How to cache ajax.php ? Is that correct?

    The path is /www/static/ajax.php

    Please let me know.

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