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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by cemmy, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Hello, I'm trying to install Litespeed (Enterprise version) on my VPS server which runs cPanel/WHM using the tutorial posted here,

    I've installed Litespeed and it is currently running on my server, but I have no idea whatsoever how I can access the admin panel. I followed the installation steps correctly:

    Would you like to start it right now [Y/n]? Y
    [OK] Your trial license key will expire in 14 days!
    [OK] litespeed: pid=3901.
    LiteSpeed Web Server started successfully! Have fun!
    The tutorial states the following:

    "Install LiteSpeed Web Server as root user. During installation, make sure to set User/Group to nobody:nobody, do NOT import Apache configuration, do NOT set 2080 or 80 as the HTTP service port, those ports will be used when httpd.conf is loaded."

    It never asked for the User/Group during the installation.
    During the installation is also stated the following:

    The administration interface is located at ocalhost:<ADMIN_PORT>/
    or <ip_or_Hostname_of_this_machine>:<ADMIN_PORT>/

    Now the admin configuration file states the following:


    but when trying to access http(s)://serverip:7080 it just times out...

    Very confusing. Looking forward to any replies.

    Thank you

  2. NiteWave

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    most likely a firewall issue.

    to verify this, ssh to the server, wget, see if time out.
  3. VisBits

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    service iptables stop

    Then try again, you could also nmap the server from another server to see if the port is indeed listening.

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