Litespeed for Lucee / Coldfusion pages

Hi I own a property portal that runs on Apache server and I am getting many servers downtime issues lately.
The site runs on a dedicated server 8GB RAM with 2TB HDD storage.
There are about 2000 xml cron jobs that run daily for updating the properties of the different agents and that gives CPU spikes making the site terribly slow sometimes. I also use MySQL db and Elasticsearch for speeding up searches.
I am not sure if the Litespeed server would be of any help, since I am not certain some features will work for .cfm pages like "cache acceleration"...
Could someone please advise me if it would be a good idea to swith to litespeed server?.
Thank you


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Do you use any control panel, like cpanel? Where is the CPU spike coming from? 2000 xml cron jobs? or your heavy traffic?
Better use SSD. should try to enable cache for your site
Hi. Yes I currently use virtualmin for my control panel. I've looked at getting a server with SSD and/or VPS wih SSD but these have generally small drives and I need at least 1TB to store images. Traffic is not that heavy usually not more than 3000 unique visitors a day. I also try to block bots and crawlers on a daily basis on .htacess. I have tried to investigate where the CPU spikes are coming from and it is mostly related with the parsing of the XML files. I think I might have to move the xml pasing and image storage to another server to alleviate the server that serves the site and pages. The hosting company suggested I used LS, but I am not certain if it is compatible with lucee and If it would help....



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If the CPU spark is related to parse of the XML files, then there is not much LSWS can do. LSWS and LiteSpeed cache can help when you have a heavy traffic, which generates high load. Generally LSWS use much less server load than apache. We did not test with Lucee, but you should be fine to run with LSWS. you can give it a try yourself.