Litespeed hosting question

Hello, this is my first time using Litespeed server for ecom, and I have a question.
To get the full benefit of the Litespeed server (it says LSCache and crawler), do I need just need to install LiteSpeed Cache plugin and configure that, or do I need anything else besides that?
Install LSCache and it will have the crawler as well. You can go to the presets tab which is the second option in the Menu within LS. There are 5 options I recommend the middle one .

If you encounter any issues with your site you can dial back the presets, I personally don’t go higher than the 3rd option.

Go to the crawler setting and then go to sitemap, you can add the link to your sitemap, this can be found in your SEO Tool.

Once done, enable the crawler and let it go to work.

Any issues with LSCache and you may need to go to toolbox to erase the full cache.
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To fully benefit from LiteSpeed Server's LSCache and crawler features, you only need to install and configure the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. Activate the plugin, customize caching options, enable LSCache, and configure the crawler settings if desired. Test and optimize your website's performance after setup. Consult official documentation or support if needed.
You should note that there is not just 1 single LScache plugin, but several. There are also LScache plugins from other manufacturers.
If you want to get full benefits from LiteSpeed Server for e-commerce, follow these steps:
  1. Install LiteSpeed Server.
  2. Install and activate the LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) plugin.
  3. Configure LSCache plugin settings.
  4. Enable and configure the LSCache crawler.
  5. Consider using ESI for advanced caching if supported.
  6. Test and monitor website performance.
  7. Keep the plugin and server updated for optimal results.