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Discussion in 'General' started by prestar, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Hello, good morning!
    I'm experimenting litespeed 2 Cpu on my server and I have been having performance problems.

    This server has 8GB of memory and 2 cores, the problem is as follows:

    I have another test server with only 256MB of memory, this server, I installed apache + php + mysql without cpanel. My application (HostBill) load super fast in this small server with load times of 0.9 seconds and YSlow Grade (A - A)

    I tested the same application on my server with litespeed is installed on whm, to my surprise,

    YSlow Grade (B - C) 3 seconds Load time

    The most amazing in this application has only 146KB of home page and apache still fared better.

    I tested sites of other customers on the server 8GB memory and 2 cores and the performance did not improve as expected. The gain was very small relative to apache.

    As another example, I have a client with a very heavy site, 6.22 MB in apache he carried in 6.5 seconds and 5.5 seconds litespeed. I know that depending on the circumstance may be one second too, but in this case it is very little. Moreover, with litespeed, the page with this client was 5.5 MB, hardly compressed at all.

    Please guys, anyone can help me tunning my litespeed?

    My tunning configuration

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  3. webizen

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    Can you test lsws (read apache httpd.conf) on that test server with 256MB ram (no cpanel) and see the response time?
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    the config is different, not work
  5. Yogesh Sarkar

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    Disable smart keep alive and your yslow score will improve and also the page loading time.

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