Litespeed + Memcached

I'm on a shared hosting which completely run on Litespeed. I have good loading times TTFB on my Prestashop site, which have opcache running as well.
In my Prestashop backend I can enable memcached, which is supported by the server. But I wonder if I will benefit from it or it will conflict with Litespeed and lead that I will get worse site performance?
Looking at the memcached stats page, usually only a small cache out of the 32MB is being allocated to memcached:

Used Cache Size 405.8 KBytes

There are two versions I can choose from:
Memcached via PHP::Memcached
Memcached via PHP::Memcache (you must install the Memcache PECL extension)

Don't know if they will do different things with Litespeed. I'm currently with memcached.
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LiteSpeed cache has no conflict with memcached and you can use them as the same time. LiteSpeed cache is a full page cache to avoid your heavy PHP running. Memcached is object cache, when you still need to use php such as shopping cart,payment page( these page should not be cached by full page cache). Memcached may help when you have heavy MySQL enqury.

LiteSpeed full page cache will make your site fly with very short loging time TTFB. In term of Memcached's benefit, you may need to do your own evaluation, it could be something invisible by your eye or limited benefit. You will need to run Memcached daemon, also on php side, you can use PHP::Memcached (not PHP::Memcache since no update since 2013) Alternatively Memcached daemon can be replaced by LiteSpeed Memcached.