litespeed (newest) suddenny causing odd behavior

i can't be certain all of its related to liespeed
but for the past month about i have been unable to complete a sitemap crawl.
normally when the crawler gets an error like a timeout or 500 error it logs it, and moves on, but for the past month it will crawl an average of 100k-200k (as low as just 18k) out of 1 million pages and just errors, no continuing on.. and trying to stop the crawl, it won't stop (normally it might take a momment to stop till the stuck page reaches the timeout)

other issues that may or may not be related
1 when you make a post .comment, or a new member joins, often theres a long delay before it shows up
2 most site emails were not sending (some were0 the ones not sending said something abort ipv6 issues

we had similar 'dynamic content being cached as static) in the past, which you fixed and this seems similar

just an afterthought, most of the time when the crawler gets stuck, its on an image, which makes me very afraid to clear image cache.. and worried what might happen when the cache expires (cache is on an ssd images are stored on a sata)


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Which crawler do you mean? Wordpress? Magento?

For email sending issue, not related to LSWS, you will need to take to your hosting company or control panel .
emails are sending again it was an ipv6 thing ..disabled ipv6 and they sent
the crawlers inspyder sitemap creator
sites a million pages its the only 1 that works plus they have added many custom features i requested into newer versions and always give me a beta bug fix version within 10 min after ive reported a bug

the crawler worked just fine always for years up untill several weeks ago

at the same time (ish) when you post a reply to a comment or anything, theres a delay before it appears, a kinda long delay.
it seems similar to, but not exactly like an issue i had earlier this year when 1st setting up litespeed and it was caching dynamic content as static

at that time the delays existed too but you'd also get the mobile version on pc and vice versa on random pages


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inspyder sitemap creator is not LiteSpeed product. You should contact the developer of that plugin for support.
its not a plugin, its a program the program works just fine
its litespeed thats not working correctly causing the craler to stall
did you not notice i listed other symptoms besides the sitemp crawl stalls/? it is also caching weirdly, posts and comments are delayed
how would that have anything to do wiith the sitemap crawler


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Can we have an example for the issue and step by step to see/check? What application it is? Magento? Prestashop?
jamroom, skadate, i h
havent checked the wordpresses..
on the site, (main sites jamroom) poosting replies cn have a long delat before they show.. randomly.. when people join their profiles might not show up for a good while
they might not show in members list but in activity if you click the direct link its there..
it isn't consistent either.

as far as the crawler goes i guess any external app that does a full deep crawl or inspyder always seems so far to stall on an image so i think its something cache related


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maybe you can log a ticket with us with the following in details with 1, 2 ,3 4,
with url and test login, snapshot or even video, The steps should be more detailed and anyone can follow you to reproduce.

As far as we understand your issue, we can provide more recommendation.