Litespeed php 5.2.12 symLink a Problem

Discussion in 'PHP' started by karaeL, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. karaeL

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    sorry my english is poor speech zone
    İm ln ~ ln-s command with the file hdda I want to draw when 403 Forbidden Error I Get Help Please I need more First to Friends ask me when. Htaccess files Advise had Php extension File Czech when I can view a. Htaccess Code, if any Please Help Me Your The One in Php Edition and relevance there is to say I Php edition 5.2.12 I'm very happy from litespeed friends, please can you help change the short, I do not want the 403 Forbidden Error Php Version 5.2.12 How to say it will do Transcendence. Htaccess files you have, please let's share?

    :( :confused:
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    Sorry, I do not understand.

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