Litespeed + phpMyAdmin = Errors

Discussion in 'PHP' started by Michael.Terence, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Michael.Terence

    Michael.Terence Active Member

    I recently built a directadmin box, and installed Litespeed on it, I am using a trial license while I transfer everyone off my primary box, and then will move that license over.

    When the server is running Apache, I'm able to work with phpmyadmin just fine, but when I switch over to litespeed (Apache is completely off at this point), phpMyAdmin no longer works.

    I'm able to browse the tables in a database, but if I try to edit a row, it goes through like it edits but nothing actually happens.

    If I try import tables from an export, it errors out with this:
    import.php: Missing parameter: import_type (FAQ 2.8)
    import.php: Missing parameter: format (FAQ 2.8)
    I've searched google for the errors, but no solid leads.

    My primary server works with phpmyadmin just fine, the php configs on the boxes are the same:
    The Litespeed configuration opions (sever, etc) are all at their default values.
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    The problem should be between PHP and MySQL, maybe different mysql client libraries was used on two server. check phpinfo() page for differences.
  3. Michael.Terence

    Michael.Terence Active Member

    I believe this is a config problem within phpmyadmin when installed via DA - I can download and install phpmyadmin from the sourceforge website and run it without issue.

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