Litespeed Quic and Dynamic CDN Both are Same?


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Forgive me if Its a Stupid Question.

I was Planning to Migrate to Litespeed Plan,

So, I checked its advantages...

Meanwhile, I was A Dynamic CDN in LS Cache Settings.

So, I went to their site and Registered...

There, I came to Understand that, is a Uniq CDN Service in Beta Version... which Helps to Deliver Dynamic files ( normal CDN is for Static files Only ).

I'm impressed to use That Service... will do a test very soon.

meanwhile, I saw this URL -

After Checking those URLs, I came to Understand They are Different ( correct Me if I'm Wrong )

So, Here is My Question...

What is The Difference between Quic Cloud CDN and Quic in Litespeed?

Both are Same or Different?