LiteSpeed seems pretty expensive

Are there any resellers that provide better pricing for LiteSpeed or even ways to make use of LiteSpeed more affordably?
The company I work at is moving away from Apache and would like to use LiteSpeed, but the cost is rather steep seeing as vshare though it costs almost the same price as our server (maybe 60-70%) Am I misunderstanding something about it? I looked into openlitespeed and it seemed like a hosting company wouldn't be able to make use of it because of various things like the htaccess restart rule.
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Back in the day, Apache was slow but it set the standard for the modern webserver. A lot of alternatives sprung out trying to solve that issue (like LiteSpeed) and they were faster. Apache ended up getting major improvements and with version 2.4 it can hang with most other web servers in speed. NGINX was one of the other web servers that came out to solve the slowness of Apache initially. It is ridiculously fast, but doesn't support everything Apache does. It turns out you can run both NGINX and Apache at the same time, and have NGINX proxy requests to Apache to handle the things it cannot support. CPanel officially supports this .