LiteSpeed SNMP/Cacti 1.0b Released

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LiteSpeed SNMP/Cacti 1.0b2 Released

1.0b2 (beta2) version of the LiteSpeed Parser/SNMP Bridge/Cacti Templates has been released.

Download Scripts (LGPL):

Wiki How-To:

Enjoy! Feedback and especially tips on how to create better and more effective Cacti graphs are most welcome.

There are 7 types of graphs monitoring 7 distinct data groups. One can monitor on 3 levels: General (Server Global) Level, per VHost Level, and per External Application level.

Change Log:

Beta2: 7/19/2006
Only litespeed_cacti_template.xml file has been modified. Re-import the template file within Cacti to upgrade to Beta2.

* Fixed Data Query template xml location value.
* Removed 95th percentile graphing from Traffic graphs. Cacti problem.
* Fixed Traffic graphs to properly convert displayed/graphed value to "bits".
* Update ExtApp connections graph to make it less "messy". Removed IdleConn line: redundant and obvious it is the diff between PoolSize and InUseConn.
* Updated various graphs to make the colors more consistent.

Beta1: 7/17/2006
Inital Release

Here are 5 sample graphs.

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Great stuff, thanks.

one little bug in litespeed_cacti_template.xml:

<name>LiteSpeed ExtApp</name>
<description>LiteSpeed ExtApp</description>

The xml_path needs to be:

Otherwise its looking good and the graphs are collection now.
Will look into it a little bit deeper later on.


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Thank you for the feedback. We found a problem where "Plain/SSL Traffic" graphs are plotting values with the wrong conversion factor. It's coverting KBytes to KBits instead of KBytes to bits (off by a factor 1000).

A new b2 release will be released later today with the the path and traffic graphic fix.
Issue with SNMP

I keep getting the error message below when i try and snmpwalk:

SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.8888.101 = No Such Instance currently exists at this OID

When i use V1 i get no message at all. I know my config is ok b/c i can access anything else:

snmpwalk -c hhpv2 -v 2c localhost .

Returns a whole bunch of info. All i added to my config was the line:

pass . /etc/snmp/litespeed/sample.php

and i replaced the first 2 lines of sample.php to the following:


Since my php does not use short tags, am i missing something here? Is there a way for me to test it via the command line and no SNMP?


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Great stuff, but can't get it to work

try putting
rocommunity public

above this line
pass . /etc/snmp/litespeed/sample.php
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