Litespeed stops responding for several minutes

Discussion in 'General' started by optize, Nov 4, 2012.

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    I have two boxes doing the same exact thing, it started 2 weeks ago or so.

    Atleast once a day, Litespeed will stop responding for 5-10 minutes with nothing in the logs. I tried upgrading them to 4.2 last night and it did it again this morning.

    There's really nothing in the logs, it just pretends like we received no traffic:

    2012-11-04 07:25:15.150 [INFO] Remove pid: 981386, exitcode: 0
    2012-11-04 07:25:15.954 [INFO] Remove pid: 981459, exitcode: 0
    2012-11-04 07:25:16.245 [INFO] Remove pid: 981379, exitcode: 0
    2012-11-04 07:32:55.718 [INFO] Remove pid: 981368, exitcode: 0

    Litespeed didn't restart: Uptime 01:35:04

    Anyone else running into something like this?

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