LiteSpeed Web Server 4.0.10 Released

Discussion in 'News' started by Lauren, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Lauren

    Lauren LiteSpeed Staff Staff Member

    LiteSpeed Web Server 4.0.10 has been released

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    There are multiple builds of 4.0.10. If you already installed by manually changing the url on the download page, please download the latest build from download link. This release has been tested on various client environments for random 503 issues. 503 errors of all previous versions should be all fixed in this release.

    Some security enhancement: Admin console is more secure now by running in suEXEC mode as user "lsadm". Build php page is also changed to generate build script instead of running it directly.

    AutoUpdate will be activated a little bit later, if we do not receive serious bug report about this release.

    Upgrade to this release is highly recommended.
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