LiteSpeed web server 4.1.12 released

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    This is stable release with minor feature enhancements, bug fixes and security update.

    • Fixed a XSS security issue in Real-time graphs of Web Admin Console.
    • Fixed a bug in .htaccess handling that may cause server crash.
    • Fixed a bug in rewrite rules when handling encoding/decoding url.
    • Added 2 commonly used configurations in cPanel WHM plugin – Configure LiteSpeed.
    • Improved performance and reduced cost of PHP process start-up.
    • Improved compatibility/bug fix of mod_security related to skip-after action handling.
    • Added flag B support in rewrite rules.
    • Added no-cache-domains support in cache configuration.
    • Updated PHP build utility to include PHP 5.4.0.

    All users on 4.1.x are recommended to upgrade to this release.

    Release Log:

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