Load is ok but page load is slow

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by Gizlen, Jul 2, 2011.

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    i am trying to use Trial version of LS.

    I confused because of this problem.

    There is one web page which has 1000uniques/daily, this web page load is so good and fast.

    There is another web page which has 20.000uniques/daily, when want to request visit, it wait 2-3seconds more than others over 200 users in same vds.

    my config details.

    Initial Request Timeout (secs) 30
    Connection Keepalive Timeout 30

    Max Connections 2000
    Max SSL Connections 20
    Connection Timeout (secs) 30
    Max Keep-Alive Requests 1000
    Smart Keep-Alive yes

    Network Throughput Http In 42KB Http Out 571KB
    Https In 0KB Https Out 0KB
    Connections Max 4,000 Idle 17
    Http Used 20 Http Free 3,980
    Https Used 0 Https Free 1,000
    Requests (Details) In Processing 3 Req/Sec 27.4
    Total Req 10,990 Total Cache Hits 0
    Cache Hit Rate 0% Cache Hits/Sec 0.0

    how can i solve this problem?
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  2. webizen

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    assuming the page in question is in PHP. the delay could be caused by db (mySQL query take longer time) or something else. better to strace lsphp5 process to get the breakdown for the execution time

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