LoadBalancer Question


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Hello :

I am working on project and use Litespeed LSLB , I have question :

1) customer connect to lslb server port 80 ? and get their traffic from LSLB server ? or forward to webserver(s) and get website traffic from them ?

for example if we have 2server in Location A and B , and or lslb server location (C) , customer get website traffic from A and B or direct from C ?

2) 1 CPU enogh for too many website and connection ?

3) Is it possible visitor connect to webserver near the his location ? for example if any visitor open website from Germany , connect to webserver that locate in Germany ?



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1. You will get traffic from Load Balancer.
2. 1 CPU means 1 physical CPU with 8 cores( or N cores )? or means 1 CPU load balancer license? 1 CPU load balancer license can be used on multi cores server, and should be ok to handle high traffic.
3. traffic is from load balancer. You can set backend server to be close to your load balancer.