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    Here is my latest find
    ~ # date
    Sun Nov 25 22:22:32 CET 2012

    j%%%e 21389 6.6 0.0 29456 6480 ? RN Nov24 175:11 | \_ lsphp:eek:tografhjo.%%%.se/templates/atomic/conf.php

    I could not believe when I run ps axufw!
    How it is possible? I use lsphp via lsapi v6, with


    Instances 1. Means php is managed by lsphp but web server, yes?

    LSAPI_MAX_IDLE is not set.

    Web server have

    Connection Timeout (secs) 320

    And it is said in Documentation

    LSAPI_MAX_IDLE (default value: 300 seconds)
    In Self Managed Mode, LSAPI_MAX_IDLE controls how long a idle child process will wait for a new request before it exits. This option help releasing system resources taken by idle processes.

    But the process I found is running at least a day and a half according to ps.
    Why it gets out of the control? How to avoid it?
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