LS + geolocalization cart and language, currency problem


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  • Context Vary Bypass - If certain context changes are global and cacheable, you can list their names in a comma-delimeted string to avoid duplicate cache copies and allow the first visit to have a cache hit. Supported values are: ctry(if all countried have the same view), curr(if different currency pages will not share the same URL), and lang (if different language pages will always have different URLs).
can use others vary for country, currency and language


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LScache is ready for GeoIP and other vary, but detection of country and language must be synchronized between LiteSpeed and the module you use. This module uses an autodetection mode. I don't believe that this will work with LScache if this module doesn't set cookies for language and location.

You will also most likely need a MaxMind GeoIP database, but detailed information about this module is needed to make a definitive statement.