LSCache for WordPress v1.1.1 Now Available

Discussion in 'News' started by lclarke, Jun 15, 2017.

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    LSCache for WordPress v1.1.1 was released today.

    In this release: Crawler enable/disable at server level, custom sitemaps, bug fixes, and more!

    Full release log:
    [NEW] As of LiteSpeed Web Server v.5.1.16, the crawler can now be enabled/disabled at the server level.
    [NEW] Added the ability to provide a custom sitemap for crawling.
    [NEW] Added ability to use site IP address directly in crawler settings.
    [NEW] Crawler performance improved with the use of new custom user agent ‘lsrunner’.
    [NEW] “Purge By URLs” now supports full URL paths.
    [NEW] Added thirdparty WP-PostRatings compatibility;
    [BUGFIX] Cache is now cleared when changing post status from published to draft.
    [BUGFIX] WHM activation message no longer continues to reappear after being dismissed.
    [COSMETIC] Display recommended values for settings.

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