LSCache for WordPress v2.1.2 Now Available

Discussion in 'News' started by lclarke, Mar 28, 2018.

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    LSCache for WordPress v2.1.2 was released today.

    In this release: improvements to minification, image optimization, bug fixes, and more!

    Full release log:
    [NEW] Image Optimization Clean Up Unfinished Data feature.
    [IAPI] IAPI v2.1.2.
    [IMPROVEMENT] CSS/JS Minify Reduced loading time significantly by improving CSS/JS minify loading process. (@kokers)
    [IMPROVEMENT] CSS/JS Minify Cache empty JS Minify content. (@kokers)
    [IMPROVEMENT] Cache Cache 301 redirect when scheme/host are same.
    [BUGFIX] Media Lazy load now can support webp. (@relle)
    [UPDATE] CSS/JS Optimize Serve static files for CSS async & lazy load JS library.
    [UPDATE] Report Appended Basic/Advanced View setting to Report.
    [UPDATE] CSS/JS Minify Removed zero-width space from CSS/JS content.
    [GUI] Added Purge CSS/JS Cache link in Admin.

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