LSCache for WordPress v2.2.2 Now Available

Discussion in 'News' started by lclarke, Apr 16, 2018.

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    LSCache for WordPress v2.2.2 was released today.

    In this release: Improved handling of advanced cache file, new WebP options, and more!

    Full release log:
    [NEW FEATURE] WebP Attribute To Replace setting in Media tab. (@vengen)
    [IMPROVEMENT] Generate adv_cache file automatically when it is lost.
    [IMPROVEMENT] Improved compatibility with ajax login. (@veganostomy)
    [UPDATE] Added object cache lib check in case user downgrades LSCWP to non-object-cache versions.
    [UPDATE] Avoided infinite loop when users enter invalid hook values in Purge All Hooks settings.
    [UPDATE] Updated log format in media&cdn class.
    [UPDATE] Added more items to Report.

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