LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7.2 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7.2

In this release: improvements to compatibiliy, bug fixes, and more!

Conf: Enhanced compatibility when an option is not properly initialized.
Conf: Prevent non-array instance in widget from causing 500 error. (#210407)
CCSS: Increase CCSS generation timeout to 60s.
Media: Renamed lazyload CSS class to avoid conflicts with other plugins. (@DynamoProd)
JS: Improved W3 validator. (@istanbulantik)
QUIC: Synced cache tag prefix for static files cache.
ESI: Restored query strings to ESI admin bar for accurate rendering. (#977284)
ESI: Tweaked ESI init priority to honor LITESPEED_DISABLE_ALL const. ESI will now init after plugin loaded.
API: New “Disable All” API function.
API: New “Force public cache” API function.
[BUGFIX] ESI: No longer initialize ESI if ESI option is OFF.
[BUGFIX] Vary: Fixed an issue with saving vary groups.
[BUGFIX] IAPI: Fixed an issue where image md5 validation failed due to whitespace in the image path.
[BUGFIX] 3rd: Bypass all optimization/ESI/Cache features when entering Divi Theme Builder frontend editor.
[BUGFIX] 3rd: Fixed an issue where DIVI admin bar exit button didn’t work when ESI was ON.

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