LSCache for WordPress v4.2 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v4.2

In this release: Guest Mode, bug fixes, and more!

* **Cloud** Auto redirect to a new node if the current node is not available anymore.
* **Cloud** Combined CCSS/UCSS to sub services of Page Optimization.
* **Cloud** Added a daily quota rate limit to help mitigate the heavy service load at the beginning of the month.
* **Cloud** Cached the node IP list in order to speed up security check. (@Lucas)
* **GUEST** Fixed an issue where Guest Mode remained enabled even when the UA setting is empty. (@Stars)
* **GUEST** Guest Mode will no longer cache POST requests.
* **UCSS** Purging CSS/JS now purges the UCSS queue as well, to avoid failure when generating UCSS.
* **UCSS** Separated service entry `UCSS` from `CCSS`.
* **CCSS** Simplified `load_queue/save_queue/build_filepath_prefix` functions. (⭐ Contributed by Alice Tang #PR373)
* **CCSS** If CCSS request fails, details are now saved in the CSS file.
* **CCSS** Renamed CCSS ID in inline HTML from `litespeed-optm-css-rules` to `litespeed-ccss`. (@alice)
* **Page Optimize** CCSS/UCSS now supports Cloud queue/notify for asynchronous generation.
* **Page Optimize** Simplified CCSS/UCSS generation function.
* **Page Optimize** Added the ability to cancel CCSS/UCSS Cloud requests.
* **Page Optimize** Unnecessary quesry strings will now be dropped from CSS/JS combined files.
* **Crawler** Reset position now resets crawler running status too.
* **REST** Cloud request to REST will now detect whether an IP in in the Cloud IP list for security reasons.
* **Object** ENhanced Object Cache compatibility for `CONF_FILE` constant detection.
* **API** Added shorter alias `litespeed_tag` and other similar aliases for Cache Tag API.
* **API** Renamed `LITESPEED_BYPASS_OPTM` to `LITESPEED_NO_OPTM` for Page Optimization.
* **Toolbox** Dropped v3.6.4- versions in Beta Test as they will cause a fatal error in downgrade.
* **GUI** Added shortcut links to each section on the Dashboard.
* **GUI** Added UCSS whitelist usage description. (@wyb)
* **GUI** Showed the default recommended values for Guest Mode UA/IPs.
* **3rd** Fixed AMP plugin compatibility. (⭐ Contributed by Alice Tang #PR368)
* **3rd** Bypassed all page optimization including CDN/WebP for AMP pages.
* **3rd** Improved compatibility with All in One SEO plugin sitemap. (@arnaudbroes @flschaves Issue#372)
* **3rd** Added wsform nonce (#365 @cstrouse)
* **3rd** Added Easy Digital Download (EDD) & WP Menu Cart nonce (#PR366 @AkramiPro)
* **3rd** Improved compatibility w/ Restrict Content Pro (@Abe #PR370)
* **3rd** Improved compatibility w/ Gravity Forms (@Ruikai #371)

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