LSCache for WordPress v4.4.3 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v4.4.3

This release consists of bug fixes and more.

- BUG: [Media] Fixed an issue where WebP is served erroneously under Guest Mode on older versions of Safari. (hash73)
- BUG: [Media] Reverted regex change to fix `Lazy Load Image Parent Class Name Excludes` failure. (thpstock)
- [Purge] Disabled `Purge Delay` in the optimization process by default.
- [Conf] Dropped `.htaccess Path Settings` options for security concern. (WP)
- [Conf] Dropped `CSS HTTP/2 Push`/`JS HTTP/2 Push` options. (Kevin)
- [Conf] Set `Guest Optimization` default to OFF.
- [Conf] Set `CCSS Per URL` default to OFF to avoid consuming more quota than intended after upgrade to v4. (n111)
- [Object] Fixed an issue with Object Cache warnings during upgrade, when Guest Mode is enabled.
- [Cloud] Fixed an issue with PHP notices when inquiring about quota usage for a service not currently in use.
- [GUI] Added GO detail warning. (n111)
- [GUI] Moved "quota wil be still in use" warning from Guest Mode to Guest Optimization section.
- [API] Added `LITESPEED_CFG_HTACCESS` PHP Constant to specify .htaccess path.
- [API] Added `litespeed_qs_forbidden` hook to bypass `?LSCWP_CTRL=` query string. (minhduc)
- [API] Added `litespeed_delay_purge` hook to delay the following Purge header until the next request.
- [API] Added `litespeed_wpconfig_readonly` hook to disable `WP_CACHE` constant update based on the wp-config.php file. (#633545)

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